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Although the conference was officially over yesterday, a handful of conferees decided to stay over one more day and join the Metro Bible Fellowship for church. No, Cheryl didn’t preach, as might be indicated by the above picture, but she’s standing where the preacher normally stands to share the word of God.
Normally, I and others listen to Metro via the Internet, where Greg the Guru is hard at work, keeping us linked up. We hear the music, we hear the comments and murmuring, but we often don’t have a clear picture of exactly what is happening “in there”. Bob preached on the Gifts of the Spirit, and the message was very warm. The bottom line was, although we each have gifts to contribute to the edification of the Body of Christ, we’re not to dwell on the gift itself. In other words, don’t compare gifts, or lack of gifts. Simply know what your gift is, and implement for the building up of the Body–not ourselves.
What he said made perfect sense, but it did leave me uncomfortable. I have a gift for music. Music theory comes easy for me, learning new instruments come easy to me. However, what on earth can I do with that, outside a collective corporate worship? I don’t have the time nor the desire to join a gospel group that mixes law + grace, so what are my options?
Thankfully, the Holy Spirit gently tugged me and renewed my thinking. It’s not up to me to ‘make’ the gift be used, but rather, simply to be available. I would love to use it, however, that’s in God’s territory. If He desires me to be a part of that, then He, not me, will open the window of opportunity. I don’t have to strive, grunt and groan, and force my music onto others. The main thing a child of God is called to do, is to believe on the one Whom He sent; to love others as God loves us. Everything else is minor–God tends to the details.


This is a picture of Ms. Amy and Ms. Jeannie. Two precious ladies if there ever were any. Ms. Jeannie is that sweet lady you hear first when you call the ministries. She gives the ministry a WONDERFUL first impression!
Ms. Amy gave her testimony this afternoon, of how it was like to live in the concentration camps and in the general era of Stalin. If you’ve read her book, Goodbye is Not Forever, you know that her testimony is more of how God worked through all of her trials, rather than the trials themselves. I had heard her give her testimony before, but there was something about this time, that was just so intense! It was as if I expected her dad to come walking through the room any minute, although we all knew that wasn’t going to happen. Rest assured, Ms. Amy is totally confident that she will see all of her family again. Bit by bit, God orchestrated their lives and brought them together again for the purpose of having Himself introduced to the family. It’s eternal, now.
Later on, we partook in the Lord’s supper. If you’ve not ever participated in this, I strongly encourage you to do so. For years, I had stopped participating in the Lord’s Supper at any church because I was scared I’d drink damnation to myself. I didn’t quite understand what that was all about, but the bottom line was, if I had any unconfessed sin in my life, or had a grudge against somebody; I couldn’t participate in the Communion, or I’d be drinking damnation to my soul. Fine then, I just wouldn’t participate. I refused to go to hell over a glass of Welches!
However, Bob George explains the real meaning behind the Lord’s Supper. We’re to do it in remembrance of JESUS, and yet we do it in remembrance of our SINS! The broken bread, which is His body, is shared by all that are partaking, to illustrate that Jesus used to be a whole person walking on this earth, but is now broken, and living in each of us, so His ‘body’ is all over the place at once! The glass of wine (or in my case, grape juice) is the new Covenant. When Jesus died, shed His blood, the New Covenant was ushered in. We (mankind) became totally forgiven at that instance, and the sin issue has been dealt with, once and for all. Sin is no longer an issue, now we can move on to the Life that is found in the Risen Savior. When we partake of the bread, we tell our neighbor, “I belong to Jesus, and I belong to you” When we partake of the wine, we tell our neighbor, “Jesus loves you, and I love you”. We each eat the bread whenever we get it, to symbolize the fact that we all came to Jesus at different times of our lives. We wait and drink the wine together, to illustrate that the New Covenant was ushered in for all mankind, at once. Beautiful picture to remind us of Him, and NOT our sins!

Here we see Bud, Richard, and Bob Christopher doing a Q & A session. I have to admit, this particular session hit home to me. One of the things mentioned by BC was his dealings with folks coming out of the Charismatic movements. A lot of them come with anger, resentment, and depression, due to the fact that God didn’t heal or answer a prayer like they wanted Him to. Having come from that background, I could relate. Too many times I had prayed for God to heal me of my hearing impairment, and too many times I wound up being disappointed. Basically, I was trying to input some sort of religious formula that would make God “obligated” to grant my wish.
Now, being the “Good little Christian Southern lady” that I was, I couldn’t admit to being angry at God, so I would just paste a fake smile on my face, and go about my “good little Christian life”. It wasn’t until a pastor of the old church preached on the passage where Paul said God told him that grace was sufficient for Paul, that I learned to let God be God. If I get healed? Great. If not? Still great. My trust is in God, regardless, not ‘just if’ He were to grant my wish. I was ashamed of the whole deal, thinking I was some second rate Christian who didn’t “have the faith the size of a mustard seed”
When Bob was sharing how many other folks had that same viewpoint, it gave me encouragement. It let me know that I wasn’t alone; that other folks were being deceived just as I was. As Leviticus states; there is nothing new under the sun.

This was Pam’s first conference, and although she had embraced the Gospel message several years back, I couldn’t wait to experience her first conference with her. As with most of us, she came armed with hundreds of questions she would ask. She was determined not to leave until every last question was answered!

After one of the sessions, Pam grabbed another buddy, Ewan, and in rapid fire asked him some questions she had on her mind. One by one, as others heard the Q & A going on, they joined us, enjoying the opportunity to articulate what they knew to be true, as well as re-thinking views they had. Pam’s enthusiasm was extremely contagious!

What a day! Busy from the get go! The picture shows the entry of the PtP ministries, where Cheryl and Michele are catching up. Cheryl was my roommate last year, and Michele is part of the PtP staff, and a beautiful person in her own quiet right. Vivian, with her ever watchful eye, is seeing that things go smoothly. Linda and friend are quietly engaged in their own conversation.
This year, I met my newest buddy in Christ, Pam. I have to admit I was worried I would miss her at the airport–after all, I’d never seen her before! Not so much as a picture. I knew we were soul-sisters the moment we ‘met’ in email. Thanks Richard for putting us together! As it was, she found me, led me out of the airport, and off we went! We got to know each other even better over lunch, and laughed the entire weekend!
We finished our day eating with the PtP folks with their BBQ supper. Wonderful, moist flavorful meat and veggies with fresh hot rolls were the satisfying end to a great day. Can’t wait for day 2!

We are here! Dallas, Texas! The lone-star state! Conferees have come from all over the globe at one time or another to attend this conference–where our minds and hearts are saturated with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We read scripture after scripture of how mankind is totally forgiven, because of that one act on the cross–NOT because of anything ‘we’ do. We are sealed unto the day of redemption, because of HIM, not anything we do. We no longer live under the Old Covenant, but rather, the new. That’s our cake. The icing on the cake is the fact that we have 5 days of fellowship with other like minded believers. We have a brother that was so determined to come, he traveled by GreyHound bus for three days from Canada to get to Dallas. We had a couple with Baby Titus drive from Central Florida in order to hear the Good News. Last year, there were a couple of fellas that arrived from England in order to hear; and a year or two before that, a couple came from Wales to hear the message.
It goes to show that folks everywhere are wanting to know what life is about. It’s not about us reaching up to God, but rather, God reaching down to man.
Stay tuned for a few fun filled days of memories!


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