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Our Hostess with the Mostest!

The story behind Shelly and the famous luncheon is rather sweet–at least from my standpoint.

It all started out when Shelly’s daughter–a VERY sweet young lady, invited ‘a few of us’ over for lunch. Like the good daughter she is, she cleared it with mom, first.

“Mom? Can I bring some people over for lunch?” (pause) “just two or three. Just a few people from Canada… about 5… okay, thanks!”

As the conference pressed on, a few more people got wind of the luncheon. The daughter is getting excited at the prospect of having more friends over for lunch, “Mom? Can I bring just a few more friends over? Probably about 15..? Thanks, Mom!”

I’m starting to panic. Were it my house, and I ‘suddenly’ had all these mouths to feed, what would I do? Panic, probably.  I tried to back out several times, worried that Shelly would be overwhelmed. I know I would be.

However, that sweet precious daughter–with the face of an angel, is a hard young lady to tell ‘no’. She assured me that her mom would be fine, and after several ribbings from different friends, we all loaded up and headed to Shelly’s house.

Shelly was more than fine. She and her husband welcomed all 50 of us as if they did this sort of thing every day. They acted like they were really glad to see us! There was plenty of Lasagna, fresh salad, bread, and chocolate cake for dessert. There were people in every nook and cranny of their home.  Shelly and her family were the perfect host and hostesses. Everyone was made to feel welcomed, no one left hungry, and we truly experienced the warmth and love of Christ flowing through that family.



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